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Jody Fisher: News

Here's Another Free Lesson! - February 2, 2012

New Lesson! - January 30, 2012

Here's a lesson about "Intros and Endings"--enjoy!

2012 Clinics and Classes! - November 17, 2011

A little early I know, but here are some dates and locations for the summer clinics I'll be doing:

July 15-20, 2012 - National Guitar Workshop-"The Complete Jazz Guitarist"-Concordia University--Austin, Texas.

July 22-27, 2012 -National Guitar Workshop- "Real Book - Know The Tunes"American Jewish University--Los Angeles, CA.

August 26-September 2, 2012-Crown of the Continent Guitar Foundation, Workshop and Festival--Bigfork, Montana.

Also--big news--watch for "Guitar Artistry" with Jody Fisher, An intimate learning experience in a secluded mountain setting…….a week long private guitar retreat, limited to just nine serious guitar students--held in Idyllwild, California this Summer, 2012......

More info to follow......

Jody FB: Twitter: @go2jody

New Video Quick Tip! - September 21, 2011

Quartal Harmony--Chords built on 4ths, their inversions, and how to use them!


New download page for my old recording "Impromptu" - September 18, 2011

Some Lenny Breau inspired ideas... - September 17, 2011

Learning to play difficult chords.... - September 4, 2011

Guitar Tip #80-- - August 26, 2011

Sometimes the best and most uniform sound is accomplished by playing your melodies up and down a single string...

Guitar Tip #79-- - August 25, 2011

Practice improvising ascending melodic lines over chord progressions that descend--and vice versa.....

Guitar Tip #78-- - August 21, 2011

Keep a "resource journal". Things to work on, songs to learn, rhythmic figures, new techniques, song ideas--all go here...

Can't Wait to Play/Teach Here!! - August 18, 2011

A Very Useful Idea...! - August 16, 2011

Guitar Tip #77-- - August 15, 2011

For a consistent sound when improvising solo guitar, keep the volume of your single note lines the same as your chord work.

Guitar Tip #76-- - August 14, 2011

Practice improvising AVOIDING the root of each passing chord--a great way to discover new "directions" for your melodies.

A New Video Quick Tip... - August 6, 2011

Artificial Harmonics...

Guitar Tip #75-- - July 15, 2011

Write chord progressions consisting of completely random chords (E7#9-FMaj7-Db9-Eb11-Gadd9-F#7#5#9-C6, etc), then improvise!

Guitar Tip #74-- - July 12, 2011

Practice improvising by alternating ascending and descending lines. ex. Gm7(ascending), C7(descending), FMaj7(ascending) etc.

Guitar Tip #73-- - July 11, 2011

There is no such thing as "old jazz". How can improvised music, played in the current moment be "old"?

Guitar Tip #72-- - July 10, 2011

Play melodic lines, scales, licks, and arpeggios from ANY beat but "one". Displacing rhythms should reveal many new ideas.

Guitar Tip #71-- - July 8, 2011

Try starting melodic lines with a large intervalic leap followed by a scalar "return". Try ascending and descending leaps.

Guitar Tip #70-- - July 7, 2011

Repeating an idea in different octaves creates the illusion of one very long line. Easy and effective!

Guitar Tip #69-- - July 6, 2011

Try using different arps over various chords. For example, an E triad over G7=G13b9. FMaj7 over G7=G13sus, Bm7b5 over G7=G9.

Everything Happens to Me/Good Morning Heartache - July 5, 2011

Guitar Tip #68-- - July 3, 2011

Bebop scales! For major chords, add a #5 to a major scale (C-D-E-F-G-G#-A-D-C). For dominant add the b7 (C-D-E-F-G-A-Bb-B-C).

Guitar Tip #67-- - July 1, 2011

Work on your time feel. All the scales, licks, arpeggios, and chords don't mean a thing if you can't "groove".....
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